TJed Homeschool Victory Day

Yesterday’s homeschool was amazing. And keep in mind we never had “school.”

We had a very enlightening discussion during devotional as we read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. We talked about inherit, heritage, nursing kings and nursing queens, being broken off, and blessings. It was awesome to hear her ask about different words and phrases.

We learned about what it means to work hard with our bodies! She biked over a mile on the trail and played on the playground, experiencing what it is like to get sweaty, to keep trying again and again until she gets it.

She experienced independence as she rode up in front of me. She connected with nature as she explored and played with sticks. We talked about the energy of thought and how if we think we can and believe in ourselves, then we can!

We talked about listening to our bodies to figure out if they are hungry or not. We did family work and realized how much faster things get done when we work together. She practiced her talent of singing and being brave as she sang in front of others.

We talked about how we can work hard physically or work hard mentally. We asked if it was hard being a mommy and we talked about the challenges of motherhood and all of the joys too. We discussed that most things in life that we love cause us to work really hard.

We experimented with making a phone out of cups and a string. She helped me make dinner, washed herself in the bath and got herself ready for bed. We got lost in a couple of books together. We learned the value of saying “I’m sorry” after I spoke sharply to her.

Today was a process. I wasn’t perfect. My kids weren’t perfect. My house was not perfect (at all). Many things on my list were left undone. But see, growing is a messy process and I am ok with that.

I am just in love with the fact that we had so many amazing discussions all because we were just together, playing and working.20160309_122948


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