Acting For Ourselves- why it matters.

I’ve been thinking about these last 2 weeks which I have spent waking up early and preparing my body, mind and spirit for my day. I’ve realized how powerful it is to be an active force in my life. To step into each day with purpose instead of letting my day stomp all over me. I think too often we let life “happen” to us. And we forget that we have TOTAL control of ourselves. We cannot change our spouse, our kids or situations, but we CAN change US and it will significantly improve the situation. If we view ourselves as a victim of life’s mishaps, we will inevitably feel overwhelmed and helpless. But if we view ourselves as the master of our actions, the designer of our lives, then our challenges and trials are simply part of our surroundings as we search out our best path.

In the Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:26, it states that because we are redeemed from the fall, men are free….”to act for themselves, not to be acted upon.

I’ve been so empowered lately by the thought that I have total control over my actions. That concept is not just something that exists in my personal development books. It’s in the scriptures!! Which makes my heart full to know that the books I am reading are good books because they fall in line with gospel principles. We must ACT FOR OURSELVES.

Verse 27: “Men are free according to the flesh. They are free to CHOOSE LIBERTY…or to CHOOSE CAPTIVITY.”

Satan WANTS us to be miserable. So it is no surprise that he tempts the crap out of us in subtle ways. He gets us to be unmotivated to make small changes in our life that will great happiness. He gets us into a variety of bad habits so we feel to overwhelmed to choose the path we know we should be on.

And I love in verse 28 how it gives us our answer to overcoming this lack of motivation and the key to starting and keeping good habits: “I would that ye should look to the great Mediator and hearken unto his great commandments.”

Satan only had power over us if we LET HIM. Verse 29- “And not choose eternal death…which GIVETH the spirit of the devil POWER to captivate, to bring you down to hell, that he may reign over you.”

“Men are that they might have JOY!” We are meant to be happy!! And I strongly believe that when we take care of our bodies, minds and spirits, we are creating space for joy to exist in our lives. We must take charge and control of our life. We must steer our vehicle instead of sitting in the passenger seat whining about where the car is taking us.

God WANTS us to be happy! We just have to take responsibility for our actions and decide to CHOOSE HIM and RELY ON HIM as we strive to implement habits that will make us a better person.


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