Transformation Tuesday: 90 Days with Chalean Extreme

Transformation photos are an exciting but vulnerable time for me! Do I have a perfect body?? No! (IS there a “perfect body”?? What does that even mean?!) But I am super proud of what I have accomplished. And I know I can’t help anyone else get healthier without showing them that the programs and products I use, WORK. So here is me having some courage for the sake of anyone out there who needs hope, motivation or a vehicle for change!


I did CHALEAN EXTREME for 90 days and lost 6 inches and 10 pounds (beyond my pre-prego) weight! I am stronger than ever! I can do 20 man pushups in good form with no problem smile emoticon My legs are pretty darn solid when I am in squat position and I have biceps that you can actually feel! It is amazing to be powerful and strong from the inside out!! I have fallen in love with weight lifting:) This program was so fun and motivating to do.‪#‎chaleanextreme‬


If you want more info on how I lost weight and gained strength, message me! I’m happy to share!! ‪#‎beachbodycoach‬ ‪#‎fightforit‬ ‪#‎fitmom‬


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