Because she was my mother.

Tonight we had a birthday gathering for the May birthdays at Honey’s house. We were all sitting in the living room watching Marcus open up his gifts when Cora quietly made her way over to where I was sitting in the blue rocking chair. She just sat on the edge of the chair with eyes still glued to Marcus and I softly rubbed her back. In that small moment, I felt so special. She just wanted to be close to me. Just being by me fulfilled something for her. I am her safe spot and she subconsciously flocks to me sometimes. This moment was simple yet so deep for me.

As mothers we often take it for granted that our children love to be in our presence. But it is such a big deal to be a constant source of light and love for a child in our own way. There is nothing like the touch of your mother. It’s different than anyone else’s. You would know it with your eyes closed, for she has cared for you with those tender hands year after year. I remember the way my mom used to hold my hand or softly rub my back to comfort me. I remember loving sitting on the rocking chair with her while she talked on the phone and I fell asleep on her shoulder. I remember just wanting her to hold me. She didn’t have to beg me to want her. I just did. Because she was my mother.

I am so grateful to be a mother. To be that special someone to my child like my mom was to me. What a monumental honor. There is no position in this world that would bring me more joy and satisfaction than being a mother. I am for my girls someone that cannot be replaced.


4 thoughts on “Because she was my mother.

  1. Bliss I love this, I so wish I was a better Mother. Sage does love to be in my presence and lately it has been driving me crazy. But that is dumb, I need to soak it up and just love her unconditionally.

    1. I know the feeling Becky! Sometimes it really does drive me nuts too. But then I have to remind myself that it will only last so long and I know I will miss it. Oh and you are a wonderful mother. We could all be better. Just never overlook what you already are. And that’s a lot.

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