I am just your average Joe Shmoe.

I wake up and change straight into workout clothes to motivate myself to work out in the morning hours. I change the laundry while Adam showers for work. I start some oatmeal for Cora and I, and make Adam’s breakfast and lunch. I give him a kiss and we say goodbye to him.  I read a couple Book of Mormon verses with Cora after breakfast. I find something worth sharing and so Cora sits on my lap while I am on Facebook for a bit. I realize that I need to do some contacting for the HopeKids event and spend some times writing emails. Cora is bored of me sitting at the computer, so I give her some time and watch her go down the slide in the living room, play the hiding game with her, and make some pretend food in her kitchen. My sister calls, and Cora and I talk to her and share some good smiles and laughs. We get ready to go to lunch with my friend at Chick-Fil-A. After lunch, I helped Cora go down for quiet time in a patient way and we both take a 2.5 hour nap.

…It’s 4:45p.m. and I’m still ‘fashionably’ dressed in my workout clothes. They are clean as can be because I haven’t worked out yet.

…The laundry I changed this morning was left in there overnight because I was too tired to attempt it last night. And after I changed it, I passed by the ants speckling my bathroom floor that I killed with bleach yesterday that still need to be cleaned up.

…The kiss I gave Adam was a stinky breath one- on my end.

…I left the milk and syrup out from the oatmeal this morning, none of the dishes have been cleared, rinsed or put away.

…It might sound like I am so consistent in reading scriptures to Cora, but that is something that we just started this week.

…I was on the computer for a good chunk of the morning trying to get things done. Not ideal…

…My living room has play dishes strewn all over it. You can’t walk very well because there are two slides taking up all of the space along with an extra carseat that has a baby doll tucked into it.

…When we got ready for lunch today- that consistent of me being unshowered and staying in my workout clothes, combing my oily hair back into a pony tail, and swiping a little mascara onto the lashes, oh and brushing my stinky breath away- that is a must. Cora got a quick hair brushing and that’s it.

…Instead of coming home and addressing everything above that has been postponed- or instead of taking care of the unmade bed, the mass of clean laundry that is thrown all over that bed, or the cluttered bathroom- or instead of waxing my lip that is growing more hair than preferred, working on my Sunday School lesson, or planning my visiting teaching- I went to my own bed and took a nap because let’s be honest, I’m on my period and really needed one.

doing it darling

I love and yet am humbled to hear that people feel inspired by me. It brings me joy to bring hope to others. A few people have mentioned to me lately, that they were surprised to hear that things are hard for me because everything always seems like it is great. These comments then surprise ME because I struggle on a daily basis. Some days like today weren’t that bad emotionally, but I still struggled to balance all that needs to be done in my life. I don’t do it all, ever. And I believe that no one else does either.

I write this post just to illustrate that I am just an average human being, a Joe Shmoe if you will. And I believe we are all average- good at some things and not so good at others and that balances out in different ways, every day. No one is perfect. No matter how good they seem to be handling life, they face challenges of their own. I’ve done it to others plenty of times. It’s that old saying of “judging a book by its cover” in a different context. It’s sad that we do this to people- That we diminish their strife to overcome or use all their energy to simply survive by thinking that they have it all together. We don’t see or hear them 24-7. We assume we know everything in their life based on FB statuses, blogs, and conversations. There is much more to all of us and not all of it can or should be shared. Some trials are too intimate, private or sacred to be shared. Let’s try harder to remember that every single person has something major they are struggling with. Let’s try harder to remember that we are all just average people trying to be our best, and we cry, struggle, and mess up every day along the way.



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