My Testimony: How maintaining good spiritual habits is benefitting me

Someone in church today suggested that we write down our testimonies every Sunday even if we don’t bear them aloud. I loved this challenge and decided that I would post my weekly testimony on my blog.

This past week my testimony has really grown. I’ve gained a stronger knowledge that God loves me, is aware of me, and wants to provide me with the inspiration and comfort I need.

The past two weeks I’ve been seeking to be diligent in reading my scriptures daily and have really poured out my heart to my Father in Heaven. I’ve come to a knowledge that I NEED Him. He is the only source of pure solace in this world of trials. I cannot get through my struggles without His love, strength, peace, and guidance.

I know that the answers that I seek will not come if I just sit and wait- I must go and do the things the Lord has commanded me to do. I picture it like feeding my toddler. I cannot make her eat. I prepare meals and offer them to her, but in the end, it is her choice if she wants to partake. I am not going to spoon feed her and coddle her into eating. She needs to choose. We can’t be spoon fed the gospel. What will bring us happiness in this life has been handing to us on a platter and all we need to do is partake- Feed ourselves, feed our spirits.

We spiritually feed ourselves through service, daily scripture study, sincere prayer, attending the temple, holding FHE, family prayer, etc. These things are not just Sunday school answers, they are THE answers. They are vital to our spiritual well-being. They are not suggestions, they are commandments. They are the key to knowledge and knowing God’s mysteries. It is through them that I will find my answers.

This week I have been transformed spiritually by my efforts to seek out the Spirit. I have had moments where I have been strengthened emotionally and was able to bite my tongue, express love instead of disappointment, have higher levels of patience, be inspired for the sake of my family, be physically strong enough to handle the long day’s responsibilities, be motivated, and just feel OK and at peace with circumstances that are hard to bear.

Through being consistent this past week, I felt so much more in tune and strong. I know that consistency brings conversion as we learn line upon line, precept upon precept.

I testify that all the habits that we are asked to maintain really do make a huge difference in our lives. I am a better mother and wife when I seek to feel the spirit and learn of my Savior. Through showing my faith, I have felt the Lord manifesting little miracles in my life as if He really is saying, “Here I am. I love you. I will help you.” I bear this witness in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


One thought on “My Testimony: How maintaining good spiritual habits is benefitting me

  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony! It was so beautifully written! I love your analogy of trying to feed your toddler and even though you make a meal for her, it’s up to her to eat! I can definitely relate to that one! You are truly an inspiration! Thanks for being you!

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