Can you eat Halloween candy healthfully?

I say… YES! Candy will never be healthy but the way we eat and think about it can be!

doing it darling

The other night  the healthy candy genius inside of me came alive. I didn’t even mean to do these things (not that they were that amazing). It just kinda happened and then in retrospect I thought they were a fun holiday share 🙂

1. Wear big sweats

2. Keep candy at a distance

3. Keep your wrappers in pile next to you

4. Eat only what you love and pay attention to if you really are hungry for it

1.I was totally craving a good Halloween candy eating session (and thanks to trunk or treats I have plenty to eat ). I was wearing tight jeans and knew that this could no longer be. I needed sweats, big ones, so that I could eat care free and not “hear myself getting fatter” – Name that movie! No really though, one session of candy eating won’t make me fat and I can eat candy guiltlessly when I do it intuitively. I really just wanted to be comfy with my chocolate.

2.I left the candy on the counter and picked only one and then sat on the couch to enjoy it. When I wanted another I walked back over and picked another one and sat back down again. This way I got to really enjoy each one and burned a few calories in between 😉

3.I left all the wrappers on the floor next to the couch instead of throwing the away immediately. It was nice because then I didn’t get carried away because all those wrappers were a visual of what I had already eaten.

4. I like being able to enjoy treats during the holidays. I don’t like saying I can NEVER eat something. I know which candy I like the best and those are the ones that I eat. I don’t waste my empty calorie intake on something I don’t LOVE! I also just pay attention to how I feel afterwards and try not to eat too quickly. Usually after about 3 pieces I notice that I’m getting kinda full and need to stop for a while. I love TWIX, MILKYWAY, KITKAT, and REESES. What do you love the most??

Keep an aware mind and body this Halloween and don’t deprive yourself! By giving yourself the freedom to eat whatever you want, you actually gain more solid control of your appetite. (principle of Intuitive Eating, which I’ll talk about sometime! Read the book!)

I would love to hear how you take on Halloween! Tell me!

doing it darling
Mama Ninja and Geisha Girl!

Happy Halloween my Darlings!





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