No-TV-Mom Series: Denise Scholes

“No TV-Mom” is a series designed to inspire parents to raise their families with limited screen time fostering a more productive, creative, and tightly-knit family unit. If you have thoughts you’d like to share on being a “No-TV-Mom” please email Bliss at All are invited to participate, not just moms! 

The Scholes Family

We are a no-TV family. We have been since the get-go. I think it is a lot easier to never start than to stop once started, but worth it either way. At the beginning of our TV-less home together we did have some hard-core withdrawel pains but have been weaned off our addiction for long enough now that we feel quite liberated. We do watch movies on occasion and we have some specific DVD’s that I let my 3 year old watch.

My husband and I have been married for nearly 5 years and have 2 small children. I remember as a young girl watching a lot of TV. I remember one summer doing just that all day every day. I got bored OUT OF MY MIND. It was this strange feeling of not wanting to do anything at all but too bored with doing nothing…. You know what I mean? It was awful.

Later, I started to come to the realization of how much time I had utterly wasted. What could I have done with myself had I put my mind to something useful? Could I have learned a language or become proficient in a useful skill? Perhaps I could have made new friends or done more to serve those around me. I can’t have those hours back but I try to use my time more wisely now and I hope to teach my kids the same.

Top three benefits of a no-TV home:

1. Quality Time

There have been countless occasions where we have had spontaneous games of hide and seek, tickle monster, chased by tiger, or other silliness where the entire family; mother, father, and children, were all participating. There is something magical about the entire family playing together like that.

So many of these moments have happened where I had the knowing sense that ‘this would have never happened if we had TV.’ Surely the flashing box would have been on and taken one if not all of our attention. Surely, it would have been a fight to get the attention back.

The quality time we get together with more focused attention on one another is priceless.

2. Useful information

Try as I might to watch only the ‘good’ shows, I have found that not only the commercials but often times the shows themselves contain soft messages that leave a false, misleading, manipulative, or negative impression… and it’s getting worse. Beyond that, the far majority of the information provided through televised means is useless.

Recently I taught my daughter the first article of faith. I was blown away by how fast she learned it. If I can fill that young mind with relevant and useful information now she could maintain those remembrances throughout her life and benefit her future.

3. Creativity

Creativity is what has brought about the greatest inventions of our day. Creativity is what has lead to amazing changes in faulty systems or broken patterns. Perhaps creativity could help to solve all the worlds problems if we put our hearts, hands, and a creative open mind to it.

I have not considered myself a creative person for years. It was not until recently that I have put efforts into reigniting the fire of creativity within myself once again. That creative fire already burns in our little ones and it burns bright. Their imaginations are developing naturally as they grow and when cultivated in a nurturing physical and mental environment they will surely bloom. Perhaps some media can help introduce our children to new concepts but too much television could surely squander individual creative growth.

Limiting TV in our home has encouraged more creativity.

Top 3 rules/habits that help us consume less:

1. Movies are only watched WITH someone.

The decision to watch and what to watch is made together. This naturally leads to LESS screen time and watching only the ones we desire most. This is a nice rule to keep movies from randomly popping up here and there taking up more and more life.

2. Set personal guidelines for what type of media you will consume

Most of my teen years and through college I avoided PG-13 movies all together. I didn’t see the point in watching them if they were going to take up time and feed me negatively. I still avoid them and most movies. Now I am less strict. If there is a movie that my husband really wants to watch with me (like REALLY wants to watch with me… not a passive or momentary desire.) I will watch it with him for the sake of togetherness. 🙂 I also am more open to inspiring true stories. These guidelines have helped me consume less. They’ve worked for me. If you desire to consume less media type stuff I would recommend setting guidelines you feel comfortable with and confident in your ability to keep. Make it a goal and stick to it.

3. Make life goals or a bucket list

This might sound off topic, but it’s not at all. If you have any desire to reach goals, develop skills, or to check off a ‘bucket list’ you will quickly come to realize there is little time for the boob tube. The more focused and attentive I am on my goals the less time I waste, period. If I want to learn a new language, if I want to learn that new skill, if I want to go to school, travel or spend x amount of time with family activities there is little time to consume wasteful media. It also means we end up having a lot of fun together.

There are many untold benefits of not having the influence of TV in our home. This choice has been good for us and I am grateful for the precious moments it has preserved.


Denise is the heart and soul of the Jovial Juice blog, and more of her wisdom, insight and inspiration can be found here.

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