You Can’t Multi-Task Presence

multi-task doing it darling

I love love love this quote. It reminds me to enjoy the moment and not just be home with my daughter, but to really be with her. There is always so much to do between housework, diapers, church callings, making dinner, more diapers, laundry, family activities, work, school, etc. These are all worthy endeavors and good uses of time. But I have to ask myself “Is my daughter going to remember me bustling around the house doing everything else but just being with her?”

I have had different experiences where I have felt like people were around me but not really there- with me. Whether it was their uninterested “uh huhs” as I told a story, their intense focus on finishing tasks instead of being with me, or their busy schedules where they had to squeeze me in- It made me feel invisible and unimportant.ย I have been guilty of making people feel this same way as well, and I don’t like it! It makes me feel terrible.

This quote inspires me every-single-day. It reminds me to avoid giving zoned out responses to my toddler and really spend quality time with her ย each day. I focus on something that she enjoys like building block towers, reading in a fort, making pretend dinners for her baby or coloring- something that makes that day beautiful and worth remembering for the both of us. Because when she looks back on her life and her childhood, I want her to remember the still moments with me when I was totally present and we had time to laugh, read, tickle, sing and play. I don’t want her memory of me to be a blur because I was always bustling about.

It’s just a fact that you really can’t be with someone and completely enjoy them while multi-tasking.

Challenge: Spend at least 15 minutes with each of your children and your spouse each day- soaking them up, and giving them some uninterrupted you time. After all, “family, it’s about time, right?” Let’s make the time to be present lovelies.



11 thoughts on “You Can’t Multi-Task Presence

  1. You are an amazing mom! It’s so easy to just physically be there for someone but to truly be engaged is the most important thing! It’s a lesson I find myself being reminded of time and time again! Children grow up so fast and it’s so great you reminded me of how important it is to truly be there for those moments! You rock!

  2. Bliss, you are just the dearest thing! I am proud of the young mother that you have become. You have an amazing amount of wisdom, and I’m really proud of you for sharing your insights. Love you always!

    1. Thank you Peggy! Your support and encouragement means so much to me. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I truly value your opinion and feel so much love from you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m trying to be better at this! It’s a hard thing to not get caught up in all the “to-do’s.” Those will be never ending, but childhood won’t be. So hard for me, but we’re working on it! Thanks for your inspiration!!!

    1. It’s so true. It’s hard for most of us I think. It’s all about finding a balance huh? Housework/projects are important and so are people! If we sway too much one way or the other we won’t feel satisfied. I can tell that you are a parent who is self aware and tries to improve constantly. That’s all a kid could ask for! (They don’t realize that of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  4. You mean I cannot brush my teeth and hair at the same time? But I can… but my hair may look funny and I will have bad breath when I am done. Hard lesson to learn, but so very worth it.

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