Hands-Down, The Best Parenting Tool Out There

I have a great passion for researching parenting and child development. Whether it’s studying parenting philosophies, discipline techniques, or fun activities for kids, I garble it up like dessert!  I love finding tools and philosophies that align with my beliefs and goals for myself and my family. It makes me feel prepared and armed with knowledge. I have hit the jackpot multiple times when it comes to finding books and CDs that offer invaluable parenting advice and techniques (and you’ll hear about all of them someday, don’t you worry). But there is one set of books that trumps all.

doing it darling
The Book of Mormon and the Bible

General Conference last weekend was A-mazing and it really motivated me to work on my personal spirituality and that of my family. This week I  have put a lot more effort into reading my scriptures daily.

In Conference, Elder Maynes described how spirituality takes the same level of sacrifice and dedication as physical fitness does. Since I just completed my first full marathon (post on that coming soon!) in September of this year, the dedication and sacrifice required for physical fitness is fresh on my mind.  When I compare my physical and spiritual dedication, I know that I need to sacrifice and put more effort towards my spiritual fitness.

Last week was quite the struggle emotionally because I was super overwhelmed with everything on my plate; home projects, baby-sitting every day, work, family, etc. Unfortunately, because of this stress, Monster Mom escaped from the depths of me a few times. I realized that I needed some breathing room, so I got rid of responsibilities that were not necessary. I also realized that if I am going to succeed in motherhood, that I need a serious partnership with my Heavenly Father.

It’s not that I never have read scriptures before, it’s just that consistency is something that I struggle with. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about (I hope at least)-  The cycle is: I’ll do really well for a while and then get busy and fall out of the habit. So, being consciously aware of my inconsistent tendencies, I’ve gone into this week with  a strong resolve to be totally dedicated. I’ve have woken up 30 minutes to an hour before Cora in order to get some solid scripture study time. It has been so wonderful to do it everyday. The peace i feel is so relieving and that feeling of calm and love is something that I’ve really started to look forward to.

I cannot explain to you effectively how much of a better mother I am when I am consistently reading the Lord’s word. I am more patient, calm, happy, easy-going, tender, grateful, and loving. Our Heavenly Father is the best parenting example there is and we are so blessed to have The Bible and The Book of Mormon at our fingertips to teach us everything we need to know about Him. Because in the end, although parenting techniques and philosophies are a great help, the best thing we can do for our children is become more like God. There’s the real Jackpot.

Here’s to sticking like glue to my new habit. What scripture reading habits do you keep to be a better parent?



4 thoughts on “Hands-Down, The Best Parenting Tool Out There

  1. Thank you for the great reminder of God’s perfect parenting! It’s so easy to think about all those parenting books from other experts but He truly is the best expert with the most perfect love we can possibly imagine! You are truly awesome! Thanks for being an inspiration! Love ya!

    1. It’s very true. Thank you for reminding me that I can’t be too hard on myself, knowing that I will never be perfect. It is a good feeling to be able to recognize that something is out of balance and needs to change. Self awareness is a gem in motherhood!

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