Homeschooling Continues “OFFICIALLY”

Our first week of homeschooling this fall! … More Homeschooling Continues “OFFICIALLY”


POWER Protein Balls

If you are anything like me, you love FAST and EASY recipes that are NUTRITIOUS and KID-FRIENDLY too! And this is ALL of those things! (swelling of Hallelujah chorus) This recipe is perfect to make for on-the-go snacks, pre or post work-out fuel, or a ready-made unprocessed snack the whole family will enjoy! I got … More POWER Protein Balls

The number one key to achieving your goals!

I have been pondering the difference between goals, resolutions, being committed and making decisions. Does it matter what I call what I am working towards? Will it make a difference? I believe words are ever so powerful so I looked up the definitions and this is what I learned: Goal:The result or achievement toward which … More The number one key to achieving your goals!